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Women destroy access to the Government Palace of Hidalgo


A group of women protesting against feminicides and disappearances of the female population that occurred in Gentleman, it caused damage to the façade of the State Government Palace.

The protesters painted the facade of the building located on the Plaza Juárez esplanade, in addition to smashing the glass doors of the two entrances to the building, in a protest that began peacefully, but that overflowed on Monday afternoon.

In the morning, the protesters had carried out the symbolic closure of the facilities of the headquarters of the executive branch.

The protesters placed blankets and a yellow tape to simulate the closure of the building.

Among the blankets they placed, one with the image of the young Mariana ZE was displayed, reported as missing on August 2 in the central area of ​​the municipality of Tlahuelilpan and her remains found 10 days later in the municipality of Chilcuautla; however, her identity was confirmed last week.

In this case, over the weekend an 18-year-old young man was linked to proceedings as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. During the bonding hearing, relatives and friends of the accused protested outside the courts of justice for adolescents, defending the innocence of the accused.

Due to the damage caused to the public property, no arrests were confirmed.

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