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A program to help vulnerable young people stay connected –

By Katherine Harvey-Pinard

To help the most vulnerable young people stay connected with their support network, TELUS will continue its program Mobility for the future.

“Each year, thousands of young people reaching the age of majority leave foster homes and are no longer eligible for the government assistance they received during their placement,” the company said in a press release.

The program Mobility for the future, offered in collaboration with the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada and the Quebec Youth Centers, offers young people aged 18 to 26 who are leaving their host families a free smartphone and a fully TELUS package. funded for two years. The bills still show up on behalf of young people so that they can have a good credit rating.

In Montérégie, 2,000 young people are eligible for the program, which currently has 5,400 young people registered, including 1,200 in Quebec, says the telephone company.

“The transition out of services for young people in difficulty is a hardship in itself, both mentally and financially. A cell phone plan has given me access to a large amount of resources during a difficult time in my life. It also helped me develop my autonomy, ”says a young adult who participated in the program, Jacques Massicotte.