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Anaya presents a book and criticizes the AMLO government

The former PAN presidential candidate, Ricardo Anaya, launched a video to present his book: “The Present, the Past and the Future of Mexico” where he makes a series of criticisms of the administration of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and anticipates that the strategy of hugs and not bullets, failed.

In this first video of a series that will launch week by week, Anaya Cortés asks: “Do you think Mexico is on the right track? Many of us think not. Insecurity, unemployment, environmental deterioration, the health crisis, are a But it is also clear that nothing is going to change if we are only complaining. It is not enough to just be criticizing the government. Let me put it another way: Yes, the strategy of hugs and not bullets failed. There is no doubt, insecurity is worse than ever”.

And he raised another question: what is the proposal for families to live in peace? Do you remember his electoral propaganda, for the good of all the poor first? “That promise was not kept either, unfortunately 10 million people have joined the ranks of poverty. We know that. But, again, what is the proposal to eradicate poverty, reduce inequality, that people have a Well paid job? Well that’s what this book is about. “

The PAN describes that his book contains strong criticisms of the López Obrador government, and describes that the truth is that we would be wasting time, if the criticisms were not accompanied by concrete solutions to the problems that the country faces and that affect the people. .

“The first part of the book is dedicated to the debate about our past. And this is crucial, because López Obrador’s bad decisions start from the tricky way he interprets history to accommodate his personal and political ends. And the second part of the The book is about some of the main issues on the national agenda and, of course, their possible solutions. ”

He also talks about corruption and impunity, violence, drug trafficking, the debate on the legalization of drugs, poverty, inequality, universal basic income, economic growth, electoral processes and the relationship with the United States.

“In Mexico it is urgent for us to dialogue. To listen with respect and with an open mind to those who do not think like us. The objective of the book and of these videos is not to come to expose you an absolute truth, but to invite you to reflect together. I am going to share with you my ideas but I also want to hear yours “, adds the Queretaro.

Anaya defines that the book concludes with a reflection on a future for Mexico that is possible.

“A future that we certainly will not reach by the path followed by this self-proclaimed fourth transformation, a future that is diametrically opposed to the past, that past that represents the absurd refinery, the contempt for science and technology or the rejection of energy clean. “