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Huachicoleo will cause gasoline shock in Mexico

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will be able to pass on the cost of losses from huachicoleo to the final consumer.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) approved a resolution that allows Pemex Logística, a subsidiary of the oil company in charge of distributing petroleum products in the country, “to transfer the non-operating losses derived from the extraction of a certain volume of product from a system of pipeline transportation -Pemex operates six systems that transport gasoline and diesel-, without authorization from the user of the transportation service or the carrier. “

The agreement was approved on July 29. In the first seven months of the year, the oil company reported 5,805 clandestine intakes in its pipelines for a total of 16,121 illegal drilling in this administration, according to statistics from Pemex’s Security and Monitoring Strategy and Systems Management.

The company has identified the entities in which organized crime has the greatest presence, being Hidalgo, Puebla, State of Mexico, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas and Veracruz where 86% of clandestine seizures are carried out that have an impact on the non-operating losses that Pemex records and that will transfer to the end user.

The resolution details that among the end users (almost 34 million motorists) the cost of adding the volume of barrels stolen by crime will be distributed by a weighted average of the previous year.

The CRE will take as a reference the values ​​that the oil company presented to it for 2019 and that will be applied for this year.


Per barrel of petroleum products stolen from the Rosarito pipeline system, Pemex Logística will transfer 2.11 pesos to users; that of Guaymas will be 0.65 pesos; in Topolobampo, 34.92 pesos; in the North, 25.37 pesos; in the South-Gulf-Central-West -which is the one with the highest consumption in the country where the Metropolitan Area and Valley of Mexico are located- 25.99 pesos; and in Progreso, 2.05 pesos per barrel.

Only in May, Pemex reported the entry of products into these six systems of 145 million 67 thousand 467.1 liters per day and extracted for sale 144 million 654 thousand liters per day, with a deficit of 413 thousand 383 liters per day.

To determine the transferrable cost of non-operating losses, Pemex Logística will have to present invoices and documents proving the expenditures to reduce said losses; the prices of the product subject to the loss of the previous year, and that the veracity of the volumes received and delivered monthly has been corroborated by an independent auditor, mainly.