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Intolerance towards immigrants grows worldwide, according to a Gallup poll

Tolerance indices towards immigrants in 2019 have fallen around the world compared to 2016, according to the American consulting firm Gallup. Peru, Ecuador and Colombia lead the list of countries where the immigrant provokes the most rejection, and this is due to the massive reception of Venezuelans who in recent years have fled the instability of the Chavista regime. In Colombia alone there were almost 1,765,000 Venezuelan citizens last May, of which one million were irregular.

The massive arrival of refugees to Europe via Turkey and the different routes of the Mediterranean has made the attitude of Europeans towards immigrants also worsened, according to the study. The inability of the EU to manage the thorny issue of migration does not help, as has been demonstrated on the Greek island of Lesbos, where more than 13,000 refugees have been living poorly since 2015 in Moria, the first refugee camp built on community soil. Since a fire devastated the place two weeks ago, thousands of refugees (mostly from Afghanistan and Syria) desperately ask Brussels for a solution to their situation.

The European Commission this Wednesday launched its proposal for a new migration pact that rejects the mandatory quotas for the distribution of refugees between EU partners and that is committed to a system of solidarity a la carte, in which countries can contribute by hosting refugees. Brussels wants to reach a new migratory pact before the end of the year, but it all depends on the reactions of the Twenty-seven.

North Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia and Croatia remain in the first positions of rejection towards the immigrant. Before the migration crisis broke out in 2015, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, known for his xenophobic discourse, shut down his country’s border to prevent the arrival of Syrians fleeing the war and entering through the border with Serbia.

Poland has been the only EU country that has improved its acceptance of migrants despite having signed against the United Nations migration pact in 2018. 42% of the Poles surveyed are more open to their country receiving migrants, thus like to become their neighbors with a 38% acceptance or marry their relatives with a 27% approval.

The countries that fare the best on this list are Canada, Iceland and New Zealand, where the reception of immigrants continues to be a success. In the case of the United States, the sixth most tolerant country in the world according to Gallup, its acceptance rate has increased slightly since 2016 despite immigration policies and the harsh speech of its president, Donald Trump.