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Mario Delgado: “López Obrador taught us about activism, but Morena stopped doing it”

Mario Delgado shows his proof of registration as a candidate for the presidency of Morena.Pedro Anza / Cuartoscuro

After the overwhelming victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in 2018, the challenge of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) founded by him, is to serve as an instrument to transfer to the street everything that has been achieved in the institutions without the party losing its life in it and He bleeds out in fights and internal knives. With this premise, Mario Delgado (Mexico City, 1972) prepares his assault on the leadership of the party and vindicates himself as the man capable of serving as a glue between the different families to transfer everything learned together with López Obrador to the grassroots.

Delgado, who heads the polls to win the poll by which the party’s president will be elected, admits that it does not come from the struggle of ’68, nor from the break with the PRI of ’88, but claims a 20-year legacy attached to the current president whom he accompanied, first, during his time as Head of Government of Mexico City and, later, in his various battles: the lawlessness, the 2006 “electoral fraud”, the 2012 elections, in which he was in charge of organizing the party in places like Ecatepec or Colima, and the 2018 campaign, in which he served as spokesman.

Question: What do you think of Porfirio Muñoz Ledo’s statements against Marcelo Ebrard?

Reply: It is time for unity and not to polarize. I am going to be president of Morena and I have to reconcile many positions that seem irreconcilable but are the expression of a living movement where there is no single thought. López Obrador achieved a peaceful revolution at the polls in 2018 and now we must unite to consolidate the changes. It is time to reconcile, listen to each other and maintain the dialogue. You have to know that what unites us is greater and that our differences only benefit the right.

P. What is your opinion of your opponent Muñoz Ledo?

R. I do not agree that Morena is a party in crisis.

P. Are you afraid that the campaign will serve to widen the split in the party?

R. My task is reconciliation. The fact that in Morena there was no clear leadership or a vacuum in the last two years is not a crisis of the party, but the evolution of a party that arose from the efforts of the people, who rose without resources to become the party largest in Mexico and one of the most important left movements in the world. So it is normal for there to be transition and confusion about what to do. We must have a lot of patience and maturity and realize the historical responsibility that we have. López Obrador did the most difficult thing which was to defeat corruption, fraud and neoliberalism and now it is up to us to win to ensure that it continues. Enough enemies the 4T has that now we are the problem. We must be the president’s fulcrum and the engine that drives Q4.

P. How has Morena failed her supporters?

R. In that he has not organized himself and left work with the people. Morena’s strength is not the leaders but the organized people. López Obrador had us used to permanent activism with the people and that was stopped after 2018. In order to gain power, the popular organization should not be renounced.

P. What will your task be? What direction will the party take?

R. Mobilize people as López Obrador taught us for 20 years. Because that caused the change in the country. Not because there is a winner, we must forget about the popular mobilization street because that is where power resides.

P. Will we see a more active brunette on the street?

R. It will be more active and organized to support our president.

P. What will be your first decision in case of victory?

R: Organize the Committees for the Defense of the Fourth Transformation, spaces to inform the people, defend our Government and organize the electoral structure and the promotion of the vote for 2021.

P. Is 4T at risk without a well-organized brunette?

R. The movement is alive and the majority wants this change to continue. But we need the organization of the party so that this continues and does not stumble. Hence the importance we have of not failing or betraying the trust they gave us.

P. What would be the main challenge of your management at the head of Morena?

R. Morena is a party-movement that seeks to institutionalize itself to win elections. We need new rules for a new time in which differences can coexist. Morena cannot be a funnel but rather be the party-movement that keeps all lopezobradorism inside.

P. Are you the candidate of Ebrard and Monreal?

R. I know them and I have respect for them but I will not be unconditional of anyone. Several generations converge in this movement. I did not come from ’68 because I was born in ’72, nor did I break with the PRI because I was in high school, but my political training on the left comes from work in Mexico City with the different leftist governments. I have been linked to the movement for 20 years.

P. The transmitted image of Morena has not been that of a party in power.

R. You have to have a lot of respect for Morena because the desire for change is great and there is a lot of confidence in López Obrador’s leadership.

P. Yes, but I didn’t ask her that.

R. Morena has not been able to organize the match. However, it has been a normal and logical transition from being a movement to becoming a party in government.

P. It gives the impression that at the grassroots there is loyalty to López Obrador but a divorce with Morena.

R. There is love for López Obrador but desperation for Morena. The people want a united party that leads the activism that he taught us. They want to organize and actively defend the Government and be part of this change.

P. Why is your candidacy different from Muñoz Ledo’s?

R. My proposal is the unit to ensure that it follows the 4T. Organize people because Morena’s strength is the organized people. And also do it without money in the framework of the austerity that the president has asked us to do. I have proposed to return half of the official money allocated to be able to dedicate it to the covid vaccine.

P. Are the challenges the 2021 elections and driving a possible presidential succession?

R. We must win in 2021 so that there is 2024. The organizing effort is great because we are going to the largest election in the elections of our country and Morena must conquer those spaces. With organization and you have to win the chamber of deputies and the vast majority of governments and municipalities that are at stake.

P. What do your surveys say?

R. That we are going up with an advantage of between 10 and 15 points that is expanded in the telephone companies, but we do not trust ourselves.