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Millionaire losses in the cinema after six months of confinement

Photo art: Jesús Sánchez / Photo: Quetzalli González


In the five months that the 953 movie complexes in our country were closed, due to the pandemic caused by covid-19, the movie industry lost 10 thousand two hundred twenty-two million pesos in box office income, being affected by this situation 50 thousand families that depend on this industry directly and 150 thousand families indirectly.

The impact of the pandemic has been great. As a comparison, from March 25 to September 6, 2020, one million 960 thousand tickets were sold throughout the country, while in that same period in 2019, 188 million 865 thousand tickets were sold.

So we can say that the impact of the pandemic, since the cinemas closed on March 25 until they began to reopen a couple of months ago in various entities of the Republic, has resulted in around 187 million tickets that were they stopped selling, which in exclusive box office terms is equivalent to 10 thousand 222 million pesos ”, expressed Alejandro Ramírez, Director of Cinépolis, during the launch of the #VolamosAlCine campaign, when talking about the film industry in our country.

Six months after the quarantine began due to the coronavirus pandemic, 72 percent of the country’s film sets have been reopened and 70 percent of the country’s cinemas are operating, which is equivalent to 5,266 of 7,524 rooms that are located throughout the national territory. The film industry hopes that in the coming weeks all theaters will be able to operate so that this economic sector is reactivated.

The National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry (Canacine) announced that, in the first months of 2020, the months before the pandemic, an average weekend translated into the sale of 4.5 million tickets compared to 366 thousand tickets that were sold on the weekend that ran from September 4 to 6, which is the date as far as data is available.

The health crisis derived from the covid-19 pandemic caused activities in the cinema to stop for 24 weeks, something the industry had never faced, not even when society faced the H1N1 influenza virus in 2009 , which caused the cinemas to also have to close, which happened for two weeks.

Following the guidelines offered by the Ministry of Health, movie theaters are operating to this day at 30 percent of their capacity, with all health protocols to avoid possible infections, such as respecting the distance in terms of disposal seats.

To this measure is added the constant and daily cleaning of the air conditioning filters, the sanitization of both the rooms and the rest of the areas of the film complex and the signage on the floor so that people enter and leave in order and maintain the healthy distance in the candy store and cafeteria areas.

In all complexes, antibacterial gel dispensers were placed at different points in the cinemas and the mandatory use of face masks, gloves and masks was implemented by the workers of the film complexes, who wear their uniforms only inside the cinemas, since that upon arrival or work departure they must wear their civilian clothes to avoid contaminating it.

Undoubtedly, this closure of theaters affected the film industry in our country, which is now struggling to win the public’s trust.


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