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Provincial review of the DPJ: Lionel Carmant highlights the work of the past year –

The Minister for Health and Social Services Lionel Carmant reacted to the 2019-2020 results of the DPJ, which saw a 12% increase in reports across the province.

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In Quebec, there were 118,316 reports processed, for an average of 324 child cases reported per day. This is a 12% increase in reports.

An increase of nearly 35% of reports processed and of almost 25% of reports accepted has been observed since 2015-2016;

The provincial report shows that the majority of reports come from employees of public bodies, at 33%.

The pandemic had a downward effect, leading to a 20% drop in reports in the first quarter of 2020-2021.

The deputy for Taillon Lionel Carmant underlines in a press release that despite this significant increase in the number of reports, the number of young people awaiting an evaluation has decreased “significantly”.

An improvement which is attributed to the addition of stakeholders and the consolidation of support as well as the efforts sustained by the teams in the field.

“Since we came to power, we have invested heavily in the services of the DPJ,” says Mr. Carmant. Several concrete actions have been taken, including the revision of standards of practice, the revision of certain administrative rules. ”

“Now we are at a pivotal period for the protection of young people and its reform,” he continues. Let us not forget that we are also facing a special time due to the pandemic. The challenges are great. We must be extra vigilant for the well-being of our children. ”

A sum of $ 47 million was injected by Quebec to help eliminate waiting lists, in addition to an amount of $ 18 million to strengthen mentoring and clinical support for teams. An additional investment of $ 90 million was announced this summer for services to young people in difficulty and their families. (AD)