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PT Seeks to Increase Taxes on Cigars; each pack would pay 30 pesos extra

After this Tuesday the PT’s parliamentary group proposed to disappear the Afore and that its funds be administered by the State, this Wednesday this fraction proposed to increase tobacco taxes so that each cigarette purchased or imported pays 1 peso with 49 cents of tax and the state.

With this initiative presented by deputy Manuel Huerta Martínez, the PT foresees that the taxes they would pay for each pack would increase from 9.96 pesos to 29.80 pesos for a pack of 20 cigarettes and would leave a spill of 15.9 billion for the State by 2021 Mexican.

“It is proposed to reform the specific quota indicated in article 2, section I, subsection C), second paragraph, of the Law of Special Tax on Production and Services so that it is increased by 1 peso with 49 cents per cigar sold or imported, as well as its entry into force is immediate. This would imply that the total specific fee per pack would increase from $ 9.96 to $ 29.8 pesos per pack of 20 cigarettes. This would allow us to adjust to international standards with a percentage of 75% tax on the price of sale to the public, recommended proportion “, he explains in his explanatory memorandum.

The reform specifically describes: “In addition to the rates established in this paragraph, a fee of $ 1.4900 will be paid per cigar sold or imported. For the purposes of this law, it is considered that the weight of a cigarette is equivalent to 0.75 grams of tobacco, including the weight of other substances with which the tobacco is mixed “.

With this proposal, it is estimated that around 15.9 billion pesos would be collected for all of 2021 that should be allocated to the prevention of smoking, in addition to directing a percentage to epidemiological research.

“As a health-care physician and in accordance with the medical and fiscal arguments that I have presented, I consider that this proposal cannot be postponed for discussion by this honorable assembly, whose first objective is to inhibit people from continuing to smoke tobacco cigarettes and can then increase their expectation of years of life, and on the other hand that the Public Treasury obtain higher income to be able to amortize the high costs it has for the Mexican State, to treat the diseases that tobacco consumption generates, “defines the legislator of the PT.