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Sale of five churches: projects submitted to the Bishop – L’

It is now the Bishop’s turn to take a stand on the issue of the five Trois-Rivières churches targeted by purchase projects.

“We had a meeting on September 22 and we decided to go ahead with the sale of the churches involved. We now submit the projects to the Bishop, who will have to give the green light for it to materialize, explains Father François Donaldson. We will see if he accepts the proposals as is or if he will add conditions. He could also refuse. We are waiting for his answer. “

If the Bishop is favorable to the demands of potential buyers, the sales could be concluded quickly. Remember that five churches in Trois-Rivières could change their vocation. Potential buyers have taken steps to acquire these heritage buildings.

The churches that could be sold are Sainte-Marguerite (rue Brébeuf), Très-Saint-Sacrement (boul. Saint-Louis), Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Allégresses (rue Saint-François-Xavier), Jean-XXIII ( rue de la Montagne) and Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf (boul. des Forges).

Very few details regarding potential buyers and their plans can be released at this time. It is impossible to know how many buyers have shown their interest, but we know that one of them wants to buy several churches.

As for the projects, all that we can presently disclose is that they are activities or services related to the community. The sale of the five churches represents a total investment of $ 2 million.

Initially, the parishioners were consulted. It is therefore now the Bishop’s turn to make a decision.

In addition, let us mention that, if there is a sale, an agreement was made with the Franciscans to provide a meeting place for people attending the Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Allégresses church. Steps are underway to do the same with the Church of John XXIII.