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Semar element is arrested for alleged violation of a subordinate in Morelos

An element of the Navy was detained Tuesday night by agents of the Morelos Criminal Investigation Police, for the crime of rape committed against a woman last March. The State Attorney General’s Office reported that the Mexican Navy Secretariat collaborated to carry out the arrest warrant against the military element, identified as Gerardo “N”, 49 years old.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the sexual assault occurred on the night of March 21, when the 38-year-old female victim was in the main bedroom of the home located in the Tabachines neighborhood in the municipality of Yautepec. Gerardo entered the place and, exercising physical violence, subdued and threatened the victim with running her from work because he was her hierarchical superior, since they both work in the Secretary of the Navy, imposing copulation on her.

With the corresponding complaint before the Eastern Regional Prosecutor’s Office, an arrest warrant against Gerardo “N” for the crime of rape was obtained from the Controlling First Instance Judge, residing in Cuautla. To carry out the arrest, the Morelos policemen went to the facilities of the Mexican Armed Navy, in Mexico City, to complete the judicial order and then they transferred Gerardo to the State of Morelos to make him available to the requesting authority and that Define your legal situation in the next few hours.