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Fernando Alonso does not return to F1 to go to restaurants


The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso stressed that he does not return to the Formula 1 “to go to the restaurants in each city and take a few flights a year”, but does so with the intention of “trying to win” with Renault from 2022, since the current regulations “will not allow winning in 2021 to no one but Mercedes and Hamilton“.

F1 is unfortunately still in a time of low competitiveness. There is always a team that wins and I thought it was a good time to walk away, meet challenges and return with the regulation. With the pandemic, the rule change was postponed until 2022 and I had to decide between waiting for 2022 or coming back next year and filming for a year with the team. I opted for the second option “, Alonso told the press during the presentation of the documentary series about his life that premieres Amazon Prime Video.

The Asturian clarified that he does not return to F1 “to go to the restaurants in each city and take a few flights a year.” “I return to do well and try to win. In sport you win or lose, fifth is better than sixth, but that does not change you too much,” he said, aware that he will still have to wait to fight for success.

“The current Formula 1 we know that it will not allow anyone other than Mercedes and Hamilton to win in 2021. In 2022 we have many teams high on hopes: Renault, Fernando, Ferrari, Carlos (Sainz), Verstappen, Red Bull … A lot people are hoping in a year and a half, unfortunately. In 2022 we will put the cars on the track and see if someone can stand up to Mercedes, but it is difficult to be sure. Sport is not an exact mathematics, “he analyzed.


For now, Alonso has “a small remote garage” from where he can “follow the races and listen to the team’s radio” during this World Cup. “It helps me to keep up to date. Next year there will be very few tests, I will only have been able to drive a day and a half before starting the World Championship, so I must have everything very perfected before competing,” he said, adding that he is not looking for “revenge. “.

Regarding the competitions that he has played during these two years outside of F1 (World Endurance, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Daytona 500, Dakar Rally), he stressed that they have “served to free his head of hidden desires “.

“All the challenges outside of Formula 1 have been very special because they were prestigious and iconic races. They were one-day or once-a-year races that had no chance of revenge. You work a whole year for an opportunity, I imagine that in the Olympic Games it will be even more extreme because they are every four years. On a human level, the Dakar was a very enriching experience, “he reflected.


Asked about his characteristics, the two-time F1 champion defined himself as “a complete driver”. “I’m a 9 in everything. Maybe there is a faster rider in the rain, a faster one on Saturdays, one who makes better starts, but one, not many more, I am close to the ‘top’ in many circumstances and that throughout of a championship is very good. If a cyclist is at 9.5 in the mountains, at 9.5 in the clock and at 9.5 in the sprint, at the end he will take all three jerseys, “he compared.