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Chicago Families: How does distance learning work for your son / daughter with special needs? | The race

This Article, originally published in English by Chalkbeat Chicago, is available in Spanish thanks to the “Translating Chicago News” project of the Institute for Non-Profit News (INN).

Many families of children with special needs have reported that school closings have left their son / daughter without the critical resources that help them achieve peak performance in school and become more independent.

During the spring of this year, districts were unsure how to serve students receiving special education. In the city of Chicago, students with special needs did not receive distance learning for a month, in addition to this, many did not have access to services such as speech and language therapy and occupational therapy for the language until May. Other families did not receive these services for the remainder of the school year.

This fall, the authorities have pledged to do better. However, families ask themselves what will that be like?

Chalkbeat is interested in collecting the experiences of Chicago families in the coming months, in order to see how distance learning develops. We want to know if the families have enough resources for the students at home, if the hours work for the families, and if the children receive care and services from doctors, therapists and other specialists in the area of ​​education.

Tell us about your experiences and feel free to contact us directly at: [email protected]

List of questions:

(Note, these are some of our common questions, what is your name, can we use your comments, etc.)

1. Tell us more about yourself or your son / daughter, including age, specific disability, and what is covered in your 504 plan or IEP (Individualized Education Program).

2. How would you describe this semester so far in terms of learning?
to. Better than last semester
b. Worse than last semester
c. More or less the same
d. I have not been able to enter the system
and. We dropped out of public school

3. Do you / your child receive more support from the school than last semester?

4. How is this semester different from the previous one? What has remained the same?

5. What does your family need to make distance learning work better?

6. Have you been able to communicate with your son / daughter’s specialists? If so, tell us how those conversations have been.

7. If you are a parent or guardian, how is the care of the child at this time?

8. Do you have the tools that are needed for distance learning?

to. Yes
b. Not

9. How do you connect to the internet?
to. With the Chicago Connect program
b. Pay internet at home
c. I use free internet outside the home
d. Use mobile access points (such as hotspots)

10. What aspects do you consider that are not covered in the conversation about the education of children with special needs?

Translated by Beatriz Oliva

Este article first appeared on Institute for Nonprofit News and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.