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The Argentine Congress suspends a deputy who kissed his partner’s breasts in a virtual session

Quarantine and telecommuting do not go well together in the Argentine Congress. The virtual sessions, with the venue occupied by a gigantic video screen, already showed deputies asleep, others changing their clothes with the camera on and even a rogue who put his photo to hide his absence. This Thursday, however, there were scenes of explicit sex. Porn was not reached, but the culprit deserved a suspension and even a possible expulsion.

The deputies were debating one of the many projects on the agenda when the president of the Chamber, Sergio Massa, cut off his colleagues. “I want to interrupt the debate on this law to raise a serious offense by a deputy in the framework of the sessions of face-to-face and remote attendance. A situation arose that has nothing to do with the decorum of this house, ”Massa said. He then called for the “immediate suspension” of deputy Juan Emilio Ameri, a man from his own party who represents the province of Salta (north).

Faced with Massa’s rush to finalize the suspension, other deputies asked what Massa had seen for such a reaction. Deputy Graciela Camaño, an opposition member, asked that everything be left in the hands of a commission, because she did not plan to vote on a draw for the departure of someone she did not know ―Ameri was sworn in as a deputy in December 2019―. “There was a situation that is almost public knowledge, which is circulating in networks,” Massa said. Kirchnerist Cecilia Moreau took the floor and clarified that Ameri “was in a very intimate situation with her partner.”

What Massa saw, and the audience that followed the sessions on the television channel Congreso, went to Ameri kissing her partner’s bare breasts. The scene did not look like the carelessness of a rugged bedroom scene. The couple is sitting with their eyes fixed on the camera when the deputy turns without mediation and lowers his wife’s cleavage. Ameri’s fate was decided in a few minutes: he was suspended and a commission must now decide whether to expel him permanently.

Ameri is 47 years old, with three daughters and a stable partner. He is not a high profile deputy, but in December his name was in the newspapers. He carried in his file complaints of sexual harassment of a minor, a teenager who was active in his own political space, and his career was close to being shipwrecked. Today’s incident may be the coup de grace. Ameri defended herself through tears. She said that the Internet service in her province “comes and goes” and that she did not know it was live.

“We were in session, I dropped the Internet and my partner just came out of the bathroom and I asked him how the prosthesis fit him, because he had a breast implant ten days ago,” Ameri explained. The woman lamented the scars left by the intervention when the deputy asked her if he could kiss her. “And I kissed her on the tit, that’s all, it’s just that,” Ameri said to Radio with you. “The truth is that I am very ashamed, very bad, my partner is very bad, this affects us personally, but also our entire environment,” he added, in statements to Radio Con Vos. After the suspension of Ameri, the deputies continued with the session.