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Argentina close to reaching 700 thousand cases of Covid

Initially, the country was one of the success stories of the region, but it has seen cases grow in recent months.


Argentina was on Saturday on the verge of crossing the barrier of 700,000 positive cases of coronavirus, after seeing the infections grow in recent months, first in Buenos Aires and its surroundings and then in other provinces.

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According to a report from the Ministry of Health, as of Friday night there were 15,208 dead and 691,235 infected, a figure that will grow much more after the province of Buenos Aires announced a change in its case registration system.

After nearly seven months of quarantine for try to contain the coronavirus, the government of the province of Buenos Aires, the richest and most populated in the country, announced on Friday that it will begin to cross data from three different sources and admitted that there are 3,523 more deaths than those reported so far.

The cross of all these systems give us the information in real time, which is 12,566 deaths as of 2:00 p.m. today (1700 GMT). This means then that there is a record that we found of 3,523 (deceased) who were not registered, “said Nicolás Kreplak, Deputy Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires on Friday.

Argentina, which is going through a serious economic crisis, began a strict quarantine in early March to contain COVID-19 infections, which has become more flexible over time, enabling meetings of up to 10 people in the open air, with a distance of two meters and the use of a mask.

It also allowed the restaurants and bars of Buenos Aires to set up tables outside, which led the city’s squares and streets to be filled with people eager to recover some of the intense social activity that characterizes Argentines.

Initially, the country was one of the region’s success stories, but saw cases grow in recent months.

At this time Argentina has a total number of cases of a little more than 600,000 and the fatality rate continues to be low, but the number of deceased patients is unfortunately increasing, which means that we are still with an intense circulation of the virus in the community. “said Dr. Eduardo López, infectologist and presidential advisor on the pandemic.

Carlos Landa, a 45-year-old archaeologist and researcher from the city of Buenos Aires who contracted the coronavirus with his partner, told Reuters that the main symptoms he had were congestion and loss of smell, while preparing breakfast and grinding coffee, whose scent could not feel.

The treatment with the suspected case is intense because as humanity runs a step, it is strong (…) The human being, we, we are a totally socialized species, we do not exist if we are not in socialization, then already a whole disease that implies going against a custom that we have ingrained as a species is very hard, “said Landa.

And he said, with surprise, that the management of his case and that of his partner was different despite living in the same house and in the same city. Both went on the same day to have the swab done, but one was able to do it and the other could not because they had different health coverage.

It seems to me that in all this that is happening the sign is that of uncertainty, everything is uncertain and they are building on the uncertain, “he reflected.

There is a protocol lag (…) The same national health system should homogenize, whether in private hands or public hands, “he concluded.


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