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Police confiscate 345,000 used condoms for resale

The Vietnamese Police seized 345,000 used condoms ready to be packaged and resold as new, a case that exposes the insecurity of this market in Vietnam, where most condoms are not distributed by the original brands.

According to state television VTV, investigators entered a factory in Binh Duong province, near Ho Chi Minh, last weekend, and they found the workers packing thousands of used condoms to be resold.

The Police indicated that the bags full of prophylactics stored in the factory weighed more than 360 kilos, which would be equivalent to some 345,000 condoms that were to be prepared and distributed in the market.

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The Tuoi Tre newspaper reported that Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, the factory owner, confessed that she received shipments of used condoms every month and boiled them in water to clean them. He let them dry and shaped them with a phallic-shaped wooden contraption before selling it at a price of about $ 0.17 per kilo.

Police are investigating the possible ramifications of this case, which highlights the insecurity of condoms sold in Vietnam, where the sale of poor quality condoms camouflaged in fake packages from some of the best-known brands is common.

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Last year, police arrested four people who ran a factory of fake condoms and lubricants that they resold across the country packed in fake packages from brands like Durex, Ok and Sure.

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Health in 2019 revealed that 85 percent of the 600 million condoms sold in the Asian country each year were not distributed by the original brands and that users pay little attention to the authenticity of the product and are they fix more on the design, the price or the fragrance.

A United Nations report in 2014 warned that 40 percent of condoms for sale in Vietnam did not meet the necessary quality requirements, increasing the risk of disease transmission and unwanted pregnancy.

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