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A windshield washer filling station soon available in Saint-Lambert –

At the request of the Réseau écocitoyen de Saint-Lambert, the City will soon install a windshield washer filling station at City Hall. The station will be purchased from the Montérégie manufacturer Cristal Innovation at a cost of $ 10,000.

“The Network applauds the sensitivity of elected officials to the harmful effects of the thousands of plastic cans that litter our environment year after year,” said one of the Network’s spokespersons, Pierre Boyle, at the September 14 meeting.

Mr. Boyle recalled that 22 million windshield washer containers are used each year in Quebec, 85% of which are not recycled. For Saint-Lambert alone, the figures show 60,000 cans annually.

“The choice of location is an important factor in the success of this project,” added Boyle. The site must be easily accessible and central. ”

The spokesperson cited the City of Saint-Constant as an example, which in mid-January installed a windshield washer station behind its town hall. “For the month of February alone, sales, whose revenues go directly to the City, totaled more than 800 liters per week, that is, beyond the expectations of elected officials.”

If the Saint-Lambert station receives the same volume as that of Saint-Constant, the Network estimates that it will receive the visit of about 35 customers per day, which is not an obstacle to its being installed. downtown.

“The Network will support the City in its efforts to operationalize this project and we are ready to do everything with our means of communication to encourage citizens to make this change of habit which can have a significant environmental impact”, concluded Mr. Boyle. (GM)