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Lebanon, community ancestors redouble their steps

Lebanese Prime Minister Mustafa Adib, appointed on August 31 to form a government after the explosion in the port of Beirut, has just resigned because he did not find a consensus between the parties. Meanwhile, the Lebanese continue to scream their anger, disappointment and frustrations on social media. Lebanon has returned, after that incident, to its raw normal. President Emmanuel Macron, despite the propagandist campaign that has presided over his entry into the scenario of aid to the Lebanese people, has come face to face with the visible wall of the old world of identity multi-denominationalism, clinging to the impotence of the Lebanese state. All your efforts to change things are in vain. The main heads of the religious communities – Michel Aoun and Samir Geagea for the Christians, Hassan Nasrallah and Nabih Berri for the Shiites, Saad Hariri for the Sunnis – hold the threads of the country’s very complex fabric in their hands, and, although divided, they share the slogan of preventing external interference that changes the coordinates of the situation, except with the consent of the most powerful among them.

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