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Develop good briefs with these tips | The race

Before knowing how to develop a good brief It is important to be clear about what a brief is and if it is the same as a briefing. And yes, it is known in both ways, being “briefing” the anglicism of the word.

In Latin America the correct thing to do would be to use a brief, however, you can use both.

But then what is a brief? It is a written document where the instructions of what will be done for a client are established. In another sense, it can also be a kind of cover letter from a client.

If your brand wants to make a brief To get out there with other businesses, you could use a brief as a kind of storytelling where you will capture the most relevant information about your company.

In case you are an agency or an independent worker, it is important that you carry out the brief according to what the client requested, the objectives, strategies, metrics and all the information that is relevant to the campaigns.

It may sound simple, but a brief is the foundation that leads to the construction of successful campaigns. There is even internet jobs for young people who only dedicate themselves to this task that although it may sound simple, it must be done as perfect as possible.

Now, let’s talk about some fundamental elements that all good brief Should have.

Key information in a brief

Product details

All the basic information will be explained at this point, product name, components, creation or launch date, usability, methods of acquiring it, etc.

Current situation

Is it a new product or is it already on the market? If the product has already been launched, how is its performance, does it generate the expected sales or is it not even close to meeting the goals?

Knowing the performance of the product and the opinion of the audience regarding it is key in the brief, this will let you know the strengths and weaknesses and how to work on it.

Target audiences

Having a defined target audience is essential to hit the nail on the head with the actions and strategies developed in any campaign.

It is important to manage information such as the age, gender, geographic location and socioeconomic status of your audience. The more knowledge you have, the more personalized and effective your communications will be.

Objectives and goals

Knowing the client’s objectives is essential to know where the campaign will be directed, this information must be explicitly developed in the brief.

You can make an incredible campaign but if it does not meet the client’s goals, it will be wasted work, so make sure the objectives are clear in your brief.

Now, let’s move on to another important point:

What other aspects are important in a brief?

Project presentation

At this point we are going to make a brief description of the project to be carried out that complies with what was previously written: objectives, target audience and campaign details.

Remember that this document should not be too long, so this presentation should not be a description full of details.

Content strategies

We know that good content is key to a good campaign, at this point we can show examples of what the communications would be like, what will be the tone to use, if the vocabulary will be more or less formal, etc.

Project duration

Knowing how long the project will be carried out is essential to be able to measure the results and know the times in which each strategy will be developed.

They can also prepare for the next stages.


It is essential to know the client’s budget before developing any action or campaign.

This is one of the most delicate points in business and it is essential that it be in writing how much will be the investment of each project and what is the return that is expected from it.

Special requirements

Finally, it is important to add if the client needs or wants any special requirement within the project, be it an alliance with another brand, a tribute to a member of the company or any banned element.

After these tips you are ready to develop briefs excellent ones that will help you create successful campaigns.