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They expose irregularities of public accounts in NL

The Finance Commission of the Nuevo León Congress during the review of public accounts related to fiscal year 2017. Image: Special


The State Finance Commission met to analyze the files and public accounts of various dependencies of the State Government, related to the 2017 fiscal year.

After five in the afternoon the president, Deputy Tabita Ortiz, began with the roll call of the attendees.

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The public accounts of the legislative branch, the State Electoral Commission and Conalep were unanimously reviewed and approved, concluding the first part of the meeting.

In reading the file corresponding to the budget of the Institute of Education for Work AC, the Deputy of Morena, Julia Espinosa, expressed her disagreement. She assured that her bench found irregularities and expenses that are not substantiated.

Espinosa argued that the Institute used money to deliver food vouchers to its employees, when the benefit is not formalized. She mentioned that the Institute contracted professional services without verification and improper payments of which there is no documentation in this regard.

Deputy Ivonne Bustos joined the demand for clarification, who voted against the opinion, arguing that of the 17 observations referred by Deputy Espinosa should not be missed, as they are serious, directly affecting public administration.

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