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Fines of $ 1,000 for those who break the rules –

Police officers will be able to issue tickets of $ 1,000 to those who do not comply with government directives relating to gatherings in homes, wearing a mask in demonstrations and outdoor gatherings.

The government is giving the police an “additional tool”, namely portable reports, to crack down on people who do not comply with the public health instructions applicable to the yellow, orange and red zones.

This concerns, among other things, private gatherings in homes. Remember that from midnight, these will be banned in red zones, such as the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

“Someone who parties is breaking the law and putting people’s lives in danger. So the police will be able to give them a statement of offense, explained Prime Minister François Legault, at a press conference on September 30. If the person refuses to cooperate, the police will be able to obtain a telewarrant, the same evening, to give a statement of offense ”

Mr. Legault ensures that there will be no “witch hunt” and that the police will intervene only if they have reason to believe that the law is not respected.

“In the majority of cases, people are expected to comply. The goal is not to give as many observations as possible, but to get people to comply. ”

Geneviève Guilbault, Minister of Public Security

The minister is counting on the deterrent effect of the high amount of the ticket to get the population to follow the rules.

She maintains that police action is not reduced to the delivery of reports, while the police are invited to do prevention and awareness.

She believes that the portable reports will be a more “convenient and dissuasive” tool for the police, since they can directly issue a ticket. In the case of a general infringement report, the DPCP determines the amount of the fine.


On Monday, the government announced that wearing a mask will be mandatory in demonstrations. Thus, failure to comply with this rule may result in a fine of $ 1,000.

“We asked the police to invite them to disperse, but if the demonstrators refuse, they may receive a ticket,” said Mr. Legault.

The obligation to wear a mask in demonstrations is a “question of consistency”, while sacrifices are required of all Quebecers, he said.

Portable statements could also be issued if people gather in parks, when this will be prohibited in the red zone.

Stay in your zone

François Legault also indicated that people living in a red zone cannot move to an zone of another color, to go there to do activities that are prohibited in their own zone, such as going to a restaurant or participating in a rally, for example.

Awareness panels will be installed around the red zones so that people understand “that we are changing the paradigm,” said Ms. Guilbault.


The government does not rule out closing schools if the situation requires it, but says it is not considering this possibility for the moment.

“It’s the last thing I want to do”, expressed Mr. Legault, also recalling the disadvantages of depriving children of going to school.

Currently, 2% of classes closed in Quebec.

While some have targeted school attendance as a cause of community transmission, national director of public health Horacio Arruda urged caution. “The situation is quite complex. It’s not just one cause, it’s a series of factors. ”