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How Saint Louis eats, in Senegal

Maimouna Diop

He moves from one place to another watering, removing weeds, and at the same time telling how the delay of the rains damages the cultivation of his two hectares of tomatoes, onions, aubergines, zucchini, pepper, hibiscus, lemon, mango, palm trees for oil … He says that most of his production is sold in Saint Louis, “but 100% of the onions go to Dakar, and 80% of the tomato,” he details. The farmer Maimouna Diop (Sanar, 1963) is the president of the Sanar Women Producers Association and is convinced of the need to instill her passion in young people and women. “If we cultivate, we have income and we participate in childhood, health, food, electricity issues … We fight like this for our autonomy, against poverty, against migration …”, he says almost outright.