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How to feed a city


Project management: Lola Huete Machado (head of PLANETA FUTURO)

Coordination: Lola iron

Authors of the edition and writing of texts: Laura Feal, Lola Hierro, Ángeles Lucas, José Naranjo

Videos and photos: Alfredo Cáliz, José Miguel Cerezo, Luis Manuel Rivas and Paula Casado (video El País)

Design and layout: María José Durán and Alejandro Gallardo

Infographics: Rodrigo Silva

This is a special from Planeta Futuro / ElPaís within the framework of the project A year in Saint Louis. It has been possible thanks to the support of: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), NGO Hahatay Son Risas de Gandiol, Gaston Berger University, the staff of Mercado de Sor, public institutions and citizens of Saint Louis, and to the French Institute of the city for exhibiting the images of Alfredo Cáliz at its headquarters