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Is that feminism ?, questions Sheinbaum acting as pro-abortion protesters


The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, questioned the actions of the women who participated in the pro-abortion march this Monday.

At a press conference, he argued that his actions, but especially the level of violence they exerted against the policewomen who contained the protest, leaves much to be desired.

After showing a video where the protesters are heard repeatedly insulting the uniformed women, the capital president called for a debate on the facts.

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‘Your salary is not even enough to wash your uniform’, is that feminism? Is that what we claim? As a feminist I vindicate the struggle of women and I am against and will do everything in my power as head of Government to eradicate violence against women; But I also vindicate the work of policewomen, who are women many of whom have suffered abuse and who are dedicated today to protecting everyone else, including women. There is something that between all of us and all of us must end and it is discrimination, it is the macho language in women, the patriarchal language in women, the classism against women who decided – in this case – to dedicate their lives to the

Sheinbaum Pardo reiterated that in this mobilization, in which 44 police officers were injured, there was no repression and indicated that although there were indications regarding the protocol of action, he said, this is perfectible and is already working on it.

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Yesterday the secretary and undersecretary of the Government had a meeting in the Human Rights Commission and with civil organizations to improve. But it seems to me that if this, we want to build together, we agree not on some issue or another, as a city of rights and a city of freedoms, discriminatory and class language we must condemn it between all and among all because there the violence begins ”, he added.

Finally, he commented that the Attorney General’s Office of the Capital City has initiated various investigation files for the attacks suffered by the police and people who passed by the place, as well as for the damage caused to urban furniture.

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