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Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office detains Diego, alleged femicide of Jessica

On Wednesday afternoon, the Michoacán prosecutor reported on his Twitter account the arrest of Diego Urik “N”, the alleged murderer of the young Jessica.

“He reported that a few moments ago the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office detained Diego Urik ‘N’, who was probably responsible for Jessica’s femicide,” reported Adrián López Solís, the state attorney.

“At this time, the procedures are being carried out to make it available to the Control Judge who claims it. We remain firm in our commitment that justice is done,” he concluded in his message.

Jessica González Villaseñor, a 21-year-old girl reported missing since September 21, was found dead on Friday, the Michoacán Attorney General’s Office reported. Her murder caused a commotion in social networks, where multiple publications were invited to denounce the whereabouts of the possible suspect for the femicide, who has now been arrested.