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Assistance of up to $ 15,000 for restaurants in the red zone –

The government of Quebec has announced a $ 90M to $ 100M assistance plan to help owners of restaurants and bars located in the red zone, to help them get through the next month.

This assistance will take the form of support of up to $ 15,000 per month and per establishment located in the red zone, to help them assume 80% of municipal and school taxes, rent, interest on mortgage loans, electricity, etc. insurance, telecommunications costs, as well as permits and association fees, said the Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon.

The Minister estimates that around 12,000 businesses are at risk of closing completely or partially due to the prevailing pandemic situation.

For needs estimated at more than $ 50,000 by companies, they will have to contact Investissement Québec, while the others will have to go through their MRC. “We will work with the MRCs to process applications from small businesses,” Minister Fitzgibbon said.

Announcement well received

Already, Restaurants Canada, which has more than 6,000 members in Quebec, welcomes this announcement.

“The Government of Quebec has listened to the restaurant industry and has acted to provide adequate short-term assistance. We hope that the closures in red zones are limited to the 28 days currently scheduled. These closures are devastating, but the measures presented today will allow hundreds of restaurant owners to survive while they have the right to reopen, ”said David Lefebvre, Vice-President of Federal Affairs and for Quebec at Restaurants Canada.

“However, if the ban on certain activities were to continue beyond the beginning of November, additional aid should be put in place,” said David Lefebvre.

Mr. Fitzgibbon said other measures will be announced this Friday to help cultural businesses.

CHSLD under control

For his part, Prime Minister François Legault recalled that it has been two years since he was elected to this post. “Nobody told me that I was to face the worst public health crisis in recent years,” he said, thanking Quebecers for their confidence.

He also took stock of certain situations related to the pandemic, stating that the situation was under control in CHSLDs and private seniors’ residences, with 287 cases reported, “which has nothing to do with the 7000-8000 cases registered last spring ”.

He also admitted the slowness in the analysis of tests, the results of which often arrive after several days. Efforts will be made in the laboratories to speed up the process.

The authorities also believe that the compulsory wearing of a mask is not yet necessary in schools.