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Diego Urik ‘N’ is linked to trial for Jessica’s femicide

As there was sufficient evidence that incriminates him as the alleged perpetrator of the femicide of Jessica González Villaseñor, Diego Urik ‘N’, 18, was linked to a trial by a judge and ordered preventive detention.

In courtroom 4 of the Judiciary, the trial against him began at 11 am this Thursday before the Control Judge at the Morelia Justice Center for Adolescents.

Last Wednesday afternoon in Jalisco, his arrest was reported after a formal file was issued for his search in the country and international lands.

Diego is accused for the murder of the 21-year-old girl and for the crime of sexual abuse, which were supported by evidence and evidence.

During the hearing, the Michoacán Prosecutor’s Office revealed that the alleged femicide transferred her to a property where he abused her and later deprived her of life.