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Difficult times for the Intercité trampoline club – l’hebdo journal

After canceling its sessions due to COVID-19 last spring, the Intercité Trampoline Club of Trois-Rivières had to do the same with its fall 2020 session. This time, it is major repair work at the Church. Ste-Cécile who forced the Trois-Rivières club to move four of its trampolines to the Industrial Building and the annual vaccination campaign is fast approaching.

At present, only “Competitive” level athletes had been able to make a gradual return this summer before having to return on hiatus from August 21 to September 23. Including the sports-study program, some forty athletes were able to get back to the trampoline.

“After the six weeks of gradual return, the athletes in the ‘Competitive’ sector were starting to regain the level they had reached before the arrival of COVID-19, so it’s a shame for them,” says France Bouffard, founder and trainer at the Intercité Trampoline Club.

“We will be able to get back on our four trampolines from September 23, but then we hope that the work of the church will be completed by November 2 at the latest due to the vaccination campaign that is coming to the Industrial Building. As for the “Recreational” sector, we did not have the choice to cancel the fall session since we could not offer it with only four of our nine trampolines. ”

As is the case in several other sports, the pandemic is also affecting the Intercité Trampoline Club.

“It hurts financially speaking, but also in terms of recruitment. If we also look at our young coaches, they no longer have a job since March and they have moved or will move into other areas, ”explains Ms. Bouffard.

The Trois-Rivières club has set up a very comprehensive recovery plan that respects the health measures imposed by Public Health. To consult it, visit the