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They define commemorations and historical celebrations for the first months of 2021

The chief executive said that the beauty of Mexico will be shown to the world. Photo: Courtesy INAH


In the midst of the uncertainty that surrounds the world by the pandemic of covid-19 and possible outbreaks in the countries due to the lack of a vaccine, the government of Mexico announced the program of a series of historical commemorations and celebrations that will take place during the first nine months of 2021.

A series of parades, exhibitions, civic ceremonies, issuance of commemorative coins, as well as the arrival of foreign guests will recall three historical events that gave rise to our country: the 700 years since the founding of México-Tenochtitlán; 500 years after the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico and the bicentennial of the consummation of national Independence.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He led the presentation of the commemorations and said they were designed to show the world the beauty and cultural greatness of Mexico.

We are going to remember our history, full of greatness since pre-Hispanic times, we are going to vindicate the communities, the native peoples, there will be a day dedicated to forgiveness for the abuses of the colonial era (…) and also, to Starting from independent Mexico, we will be in the Mayan region and also with the Yaqui peoples, ”he explained from the Treasury room of the National Palace.

In the cultural sphere, he announced that there will be exhibitions of codices, archaeological pieces, paintings and a lot of music.

And he detailed what the national holidays of September 2021 will be.

The parades, both on September 16 and 27, have already been discussed, with representation of armies from other brother countries, because Mexico has a fraternal relationship with all the countries of the world, we have no differences with any country; on the contrary, Mexico is a country considered as a brother of the other nations ”, affirmed the president.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, pointed out that practically the entire federal cabinet will participate in the organization of the commemorations, which include a representation of the entrance of the Trigarante Army to Mexico City.

Contingents from all over the world will participate in the civic military parade on September 16, as well as in the one on September 27, which, as I said, commemorates the consummation of Independence; There will be cultural activities in each of the 32 states (…) Starting today, each and every one of the 193 members of the United Nations will be convened, as well as all the organizations that are partners or partners of Mexico in the international sphere, and that there are 252 organizations ”, he explained in his presentation.

For his part, the director of the IMSS and at the same time head of the commission to organize the National Celebrations, Zoé Robledo Aburto specified that there will be 12 emblematic activities that will take place in our country from February 14 to September 30 of the coming year.

The first acts will begin on the 190th anniversary of the execution of Vicente Guerrero, on February 14; the next will be on February 24, commemorating the 200 years of the Iguala Plan, and then, on March 25, the day of resistance will be remembered in Champotón, Campeche.

The closing acts will take place on September 27, on the occasion of the bicentennial of National Independence; September 28 will be the act of forgiveness for native peoples and on September 30 José María Morelos y Pavón will be remembered for one more anniversary of his birth.

During the presentation of the program, there was no mention of the amount of resources that will be allocated to carry it out, as well as the transfer of foreign guests to our country.

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