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Torruco defends agreement with private to exploit VisitMéxico platform

Before deputies, the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco defended the agreement with the Braintivity company, chaired by Marcos Achar, to exploit the VisitMéxico platform.

“Now, without any recourse on the part of the State, a great VisitMéxico page is being carried out,” Torruco replied to PRI deputy Laura Barrera. The legislator accused that the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) violated the procurement law by not having carried out a tender process or, at least, having formalized the direct award to select Braintivity and, instead, opting for a concertation agreement to operate the platform, considered the gateway to the country’s main tourism promotion and digitization strategy.

“We decided, having few resources and no resources from the Federation, to give it (the Mexico brand) to Marcos Achar, from Braintivity, who is committed to making an investment of more than 40 million pesos in the first stage and more than 80 videos for the heritage of the Ministry of Tourism, “added Torruco this Thursday during the XVI working meeting of the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

Deputy Barrera asked him in which other nations the country brand is delivered to an individual and Torruco replied that, in the previous administration, the now-defunct Mexican Tourism Promotion Council (CPTM) granted the country brand to the private company The Best Day , to which 6 million pesos were paid each year.

In this regard, the legislator clarified to Torruco that there was no concession of the Mexico brand in the past administration, but that a contract was made in accordance with the acquisitions law.

The PRI also affirmed that Sectur does not have legal powers to deliver a concession to an individual, as it assured that “the concessions of public goods are derived from the legal frameworks and the General Tourism Law does not foresee any type of concession granted by the secretariat” .

Recognizing his almost 50 years of experience in the tourism sector, Barrera questioned Torruco if “there were no other companies in Mexico with the capacity to do a better job, because we have seen a comedy of errors that ridicule the name of our country and more under current conditions. “

At the end of July, VisitMéxico was mocked on social networks for the literal translations it made of the names of some tourist destinations. Weeks earlier, there was a conflict between Braintivity and its then technology provider, Tecnocen, causing the portal to remain suspended between July 24 and 27.

On August 9, the Sectur reported that it filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) against who or those who are responsible for alleged illicit acts and damages related to the tourist image of Mexico.

“Being a matter that is in the hands of the prosecution, I am obliged, as part of the executive branch, to keep secrecy,” Torruco justified to the deputy Claudia Reyes, of the PRD, who asked him about the evolution of the demands made by the Sectur.

Regarding investments in the tourism sector, the secretary affirmed that in 2020, despite the crisis, the projects that began last year remain firm and that amount to 193 thousand 543 million pesos, through 578 projects in the different states, with a greater concentration in Nayarit, Baja California Sur and Mexico City.