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Unemployment hit women because of the pandemic

The formal work deficit will become more evident for groups of workers such as youth, women and adults, warns the ILO.


Women, more than men, and young people up to 24 years of age, more than adults, experienced the loss of employment with greater intensity in nine countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, including Mexico, due to the pandemic.

And now in partial return to productive activities, these groups continue to be the most affected, warns the Labor Overview in times of covid-19: Impacts on the labor market and income in Latin America and the Caribbean, of the International Organization of the Labor (ILO).

In the Mexican case, for example, the document states that the return of 1.5 million people to the labor market between June and July – in addition to the increase of 5.6 million between May and June – was registered exclusively among men since in the case of women it was even reduced.

“If the value of July 2020 is compared with the same month of 2019, the male participation rate registers a drop of the order of 7% while this has been 13% in the case of women,” he points out.

The report presented this Wednesday indicates that due to the covid-19 pandemic, 34 million Mexican, Argentine, Brazilian, Chilean, Colombian, Costa Rican, Peruvian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan workers lost their jobs.

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