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Charles-Lemoyne College: a suspension for students who will participate in a banned gathering –

In order to protect its students and employees, the management of Collège Charles-Lemoyne (CCL) has notified all parents that it will suspend for at least 14 days any student who takes part in an anti-mask demonstration or any other prohibited gathering. and in which the sanitary measures would not be respected.

“As a school principal, we have an obligation to protect staff and students from people who place themselves in high risk situations,” said CCL Director General David Bowles at Southern Mail.

David Bowles

Virtual education would also not be offered to students who would be suspended in this way.

As of Monday, 5 CCL groups, 4 at the Longueuil campus and 1 at the Sainte-Catherine campus, will be confined due to cases of COVID-19. A member of the teaching staff from the Longueuil campus as well as another employee who is not in direct contact with the students and is therefore not attached to a specific campus were also tested positive.

If the situation is under control and the authorities satisfied with the crisis management carried out by the CCL, Mr. Bowles admits that this is a very special return.

“It requires a lot of management and adaptation for teachers and staff,” he underlines, thanking them in the same breath. (GM)