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Joe Biden and his wife test negative for covid

Joe Biden was tested for the coronavirus in the wake of President Donald Trump’s announced infection.


Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his wife tested negative for coronavirus this morning and after Trump announced he had covid.

The Democrat will continue his travel plans in Michigan later Friday, his campaign team reported.

Biden had planned to travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to talk about the economy on Friday morning. His trip was delayed for several hours while he waited for the test results.

On Tuesday night, Biden participated with Trump in the first presidential debate leading up to the November elections, in Cleveland. They were both within ten feet of each other and were not wearing masks. The debate lasted more than 90 minutes.

Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris also tested negative, the presidential candidate’s spokesman said.

Biden spent much of the spring and early summer near his home in Wilmington, Delaware, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, he has intensified his travels in the final stretch of the campaign, while still paying attention to the guidelines recommended by public health authorities.

The candidate regularly wears a face mask in public, something Trump mocked Biden for during this week’s debate. Biden also tends to appear mainly in front of small crowds and respecting social distance.

Biden, in a post on social media, thanked his followers for the “messages of concern,” before adding: “I hope this serves as a reminder: wear a mask, keep your social distance and wash your hands.”

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