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Researchers alert that the extinction of trusts will affect projects against COVID

Brenda Valderrama, president of the Academy of Sciences of Morelos assures that the extinction of the trusts “is going to hit us a lot” because it is not only the disappearance of the trusts, which are the financial instrument, but of the funds, that is, the way to have resources, be they mixed, regional, institutional and sectoral.

“Public opinion is very confused between what is the fund and the trust, rescuing the trusts is not a great advantage if the funds disappear, they can be unlinked, there is a way to unlink them, the problem is that there is no such intention and they want to disappear together with the trusts, “says the researcher.

Brenda Valderrama says that if approved, the four platforms with vaccine projects against COVID-19 that are being developed in Morelos will be affected and that they will no longer have resources; but also several projects for renewable energies, an important pharmaceutical area, agrotechnology projects and electronic engineering.

“I have been doing research for 25 years, in that time I have seen how the scaffolding was built that allowed access to resources to be more equitable and better evaluated, less vulnerable to issues of discretion or mismanagement, and just what we are seeing is that the extinction of the trusts breaks that scaffolding, it is not that it cannot be rebuilt again, but it will take us a long time, it was a job of more than 20 years “, says the researcher.

In an interview, Dr. Valderrama points out that in the state of Morelos there are more than 2,000 researchers, and that 60% of them are members of the National System of Researchers, “Morelos is the main recipient of basic science projects in the country, and the fifth in regional and mixed projects, “he says and assures that all those strengths that are there giving results may begin to lose competitiveness little by little due to the lack of resources.

“Resources have never exceeded, in any six-year period, but there was a minimum flow of funds that allowed that if a researcher did not have money at a certain moment, there were collaborators who did have and efforts could be added, but at this moment the drought is absolute “says the researcher who assures that if the trusts are extinguished, the backbone of the investigation in Mexico is lost, which was the State policy created in 2001, which was the most important thing that had been done.

The Academy of Sciences of Morelos, Valderrama tells us, that they made a national consultation that yields data such as that “two out of three researchers in the country will not have the resources to work this year, and for example, among those who will have resources, eight out of 10 will not have enough resources to cover their minimum expenses. “

But beyond the cancellation of the trusts, which will end with the resource funds, Dr. Valderrama points out that Conacyt will be unable to evaluate the 24 thousand research projects that are proposed year after year, and those that are supported around 8,200. He says that just for the “De Fronteras” call that has just been announced, it took eleven months to select 300 projects.