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Trump has COVID-19 with Pence and Pelosi in line of succession in case of disability; alert if Biden was infected in the debate | The race

A never-before-seen political crisis could occur if the health of President Donald Trump, who tested positive for COVID-19, is complicated. Last night it was revealed that he and First Lady Melania tested positive for coronavirus. All this after, for months, Trump has minimized the severity of the pandemic.

Ironically, the former vice president and candidate Joe biden He mentioned it to you last night on Twitter, shortly before the announcement of the contagion, saying that Trump “would do anything to distract of the fact that by his failed management of COVID-19 more than 200 thousand Americans have died and 26 million are unemployed ”.

If Trump’s health deteriorates, in principle emerge three basic questions: Who would hold the presidency? Would the next debates and elections on November 3 be suspended? Could Biden have been infected by sharing the stage with Trump Tuesday in Cleveland?

Age is considered a risk factor in the coronavirus. Trump (74) is the longest-serving president in US history. And Biden even surpasses it Well, he will turn 78 next month.

Specifically, this is part of the information that is handled so far:

  • Donald Trump and his wife Melania (50) tested positive for coronavirus. The news came after one of the president’s most important advisers, Hope Hicks (31), also tested positive yesterday.
  • Hicks had flown with the president in the Air Force One early Wednesday, after accompanying him to first presidential debate against Biden on Tuesday.
  • Trump’s doctor confirmed that the president and the first lady “would remain inside the White House during their convalescence.” The duration of this quarantine will depend on the illness of the couple.
  • Even if Trump tests negative in the next 14 days, it is almost certain that You will not be able to attend rallies in three key states – Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona. as well as next debate presidential, scheduled for October 15.
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for people who have tested positive state that they must report all close contacts.
  • If Trump gets too sick to lead the country, Vice President Mike Pence (61) would take over. If Pence is also incapacitated, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi (80), would be the person most likely to take office. Being a woman and an octogenarian, I would add two additional unpublished variables.
  • Pence attended a White House coronavirus task force briefing with Trump on Monday, but was not at the presidential debate. He is scheduled to debate next Wednesday, October 7, with Senator Kamala Harris, the candidate to replace him.
  • Hicks is not the only White House staff member to have contracted the virus. Katie Miller, the vice president’s press secretary, who is married to another Trump adviser, Stephen Miller, caught and overcame COVID-19. One of Trump’s personal aides also tested positive for coronavirus in May.
  • It is not known if Pence is infected. The medical analyst of CNN, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, said yesterday that Pelosi, it should be isolated, because it is possible that both Trump and Pence will get sick, in which case she will likely have to take office. It is not clear what the rules would be in this case.
  • In May, The Washington Post raised the hypothetical case and discovered that, according to the rules of a 1947 law, “the speaker of the House and the president pro tempore of the Senate would be next in line of succession, followed by the members of the cabinet, beginning with the Secretary of State”.
  • It is unknown how long Trump, Melania and Hicks have had the virus and exactly which White House personnel they have had close contact with. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), on average it takes five or six days from when someone is infected until the first symptoms appear, but it can take 14 days. It seems that Hicks began to feel bad last Wednesday, summarized The Guardian.