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Police try to stop people from being transferred to hospital in crash

The accident was registered at noon this Saturday in the side block of the toll road at kilometer 23 + 500 in the direction of Puebla. Photo: special


Municipal police of Valle de Chalco tried to prevent paramedics from transferring urgently to people injured in a crash on the Mexico-Puebla highway.

The accident was registered at noon this Saturday in the side block of the toll road at kilometer 23 + 500 towards Puebla, after a San Francisco passenger bus collided with a private car.

Immediately, medical personnel from Federal Roads and Bridges and voluntary ambulances came to help the injured, however, the policemen of the 600 patrol of the municipality of Valle de Chalco They asked the paramedics not to transfer those affected to hospitals.

Photo: special

Six were injured, one of them a patient from the first; heart disease, with chest trauma and injuries, but the policeman told us not to transfer him until the insurer and the municipal ambulances that would take charge arrived, they even threatened to put the ambulance operator at the disposal of the Public Ministry, “said one of rescuers.

He explained that the uniformed men even crossed the patrols, preventing them from passing, however, after several minutes of discussion and moments of tension that put the health of the injured at risk made them see that the section is federal and does not correspond to their jurisdiction.

“Commonly the police of this municipality are dedicated to hunting motorists who do not circulate and who travel on the side or who have an accident to take them to the streets and extort money. When there is damage to the road they ask for large amounts and let them go, leaving damage “ended.

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