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Ssa without diagnosis of people recovered from covid


The Ministry of Health admitted that it does not have a diagnosis on the state of health of the 550 thousand 53 recovered from covid-19 in Mexico.

However, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, general director of Health Promotion of the agency, estimated that less than 25 thousand recovered people will require some specific rehabilitation therapy.

We do not have a specific diagnosis of the state of health of the people who have recovered right now to present it. It seems to me that of these 500 thousand people that we estimate have recovered, not even 5 percent will represent those who require any specific rehabilitation therapy, “she said.

Although he pointed out that the main thing is that people who have had a pulmonary, neurological, or any other type of sequelae have the rehabilitation they require, he said, that so far the Ministry of Health has not identified other sequelae other than those pulmonary

He indicated that he did not know how many of those who do have sequelae are already being rehabilitated.