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A green alley in the city center – L’

A first green lane has been developed in the innovative entrepreneurial district of Innovation and Economic Development (IDE) Trois-Rivières, more precisely next to Espace 445, on rue des Volontaires.

The objective was to develop and green the alley located near the building belonging to IDE Trois-Rivières. It was unused space.

A plant vault was created using a container garden process, with water autonomy that requires little maintenance. These are connected in a network and integrated into a cedar wood trellis structure (trellis and arbor) so as to form a long plant vault.

The combination of biofertilizers and the process of organic cultivation in network gardens will allow the rapid deployment of climbing plants to create a true urban oasis.

IDE Trois-Rivières did business with the Organilab company to develop these gardens and vaults. Outdoor furniture, decorative accessories and an accent lighting system along the vault also enhance the space.

It is a concrete example of the revaluation of vacant spaces filled with potential and we hope that this will awaken ideas in other owners of buildings or businesses. By multiplying this type of project, our city center will become ever more attractive“, emphasizes Mario De Tilly, general manager of IDE Trois-Rivières.

The green lane will also reduce the ambient temperature felt during periods of heat by nearly five degrees Celsius.

Although the alley could not be installed in May as planned, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was designed to withstand the harsh winter weather. It will therefore still be on site in summer 2021 and phase two is already planned.