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Jalisco Cartel New Generation Warns ‘Clean’; they kill 77 in five days

Horror scenes with dumps of corpses, dismembered and burned people and armed attacks on merchants and residents seem to be out of control in Guanajuato, particularly in the municipalities of the Industrial Corridor, due to the silence of the authorities and threatening messages from criminal groups that deaths are adjudicated.

“Keep it clean and we’ll get you,” quoted a canvas with the signature of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) directed at other criminal groups, located in the early hours of this Monday on four bags containing the remains of two people, in the exterior of the El Dorado market, in Celaya.

That was the beginning of a violent day in the state, which added at least 17 people killed and four more injured. In the first five days of October there were 77 intentional homicides in the state.

At noon, a commando opened fire at a home on Felipe Ángeles and Rafael Cepeda streets, in Jaral del Progreso, where family and friends were watching over the body of a man.

Those attending the wake reportedly ran into the street, but were hit by bullets. Five people died and four were helped by paramedics, who transferred them to a hospital in Salamanca.

After 2:00 p.m., an armed group killed two men and a woman in the La Cruz boot camp in León.

The attack occurred on the first day that the city is on a yellow epidemiological traffic light, which allows the reopening of this business line.

Witnesses said the killers escaped in a compact red vehicle.

In another event, in Irapuato, four people – two women and two men – were executed in an agricultural field, on one side of the León-Salamanca toll road, near the Las Adjuntas community. Municipal police found the bodies in the morning and confirmed that the deceased had injuries from gunshot wounds.

In Celaya, at approximately 6:00 a.m., human remains of at least two people were found in bags outside the El Dorado market, where the alleged perpetrators posted a message claiming the crime.

Around 3:00 p.m., a merchant was shot dead at the entrance of a hotel in the downtown area of ​​Celaya.

Almost at the same time, but in Salamanca, in a painting shop, two people were murdered on Passenger Street on the corner of Aldama, in the center of the city. Elements of the National Guard cordoned off the place where several percussion cartridges were visible.

In none of the homicides were there any arrests or pronouncements by the authorities.

The registered massacres. So far this year, Guanajuato has registered more than 40 massacres. Among the most recent events are those that occurred inside a rehabilitation center in Irapuato, where 27 people died; the attack against clients and workers of the La Cabaña del Toro nightclub, on September 27, in Jaral del Progreso, and a shooting on September 17 in a house in Celaya that left five dead.