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Approve 15 years in prison for mistreatment of the elderly

Unanimously, the Congress of the State of Mexico approved reforms to the Penal Code so that those responsible for exercising violence against older adults are punished with up to 15 years in prison and a 200-400 day fine.

The deputy Violeta Nova Gómez, author of the initiative, explained in the rostrum that in the face of the numerous attacks against this sector of the population, it was necessary to take greater measures for their protection and to increase the penalty in the crime of injuries.

He said that, according to information from the CNDH, 57% of crimes committed against the elderly are patrimonial (dispossession, robbery of a house, fraud and damage to private property); 16% are for family violence, 8% for injuries and the rest are threats, homicide, sexual abuse and abandonment.