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Sanctuary: end of the mandate of the rector, Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay – l’hebdo journal

Mgr Luc Bouchard, bishop of Trois-Rivières, and Father Luc Tardif, provincial of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, announced the end of the mandate of Mgr Pierre-Olivier Tremblay after four years of service as rector of the Shrine of Notre-Dame- Cape Town

“In recent years, Bishop Tremblay has worked with ardor to make the Sanctuary a leading player in the Mauricie region, either with its insertion in the middle of the bas-du-cap, the link with the major events of Trois-Rivières, the work with new civil and religious partners, and the positive presence in the media. He knew how to make the Sanctuary a place of unconditional welcome, a real sanctuary for the 21e century. His leadership was that of a missionary imbued with the Oblate charism. He is stepping down as rector, but certainly remains an unconditional ambassador ”, underlined Father Luc Tardif.

“I am grateful for all the work that Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay has done as rector. For two years, I saw him commit generously to carry out his mandate as rector and that of auxiliary bishop simultaneously, ”said the Bishop of Trois-Rivières, Mgr Luc Bouchard.

From now on, Mgr Tremblay will continue his commitment to the diocese as auxiliary bishop and he will also become vicar general. He will be more particularly assigned to the accompaniment of Christian communities in these moments of transition that the Church is going through, here as elsewhere in Quebec. In addition, Bishop Tremblay will continue to invest in the major development project of the Notre-Dame-du-Cap Sanctuary. He will remain a key player in its initiation and implementation.

“I have always had at heart that the Sanctuary has a positive contribution for today’s society and for the Church. I am happy to continue the development that we started when I arrived at the Sanctuary by contributing to the realization of the great project. In the current context of the pandemic, a place like the Sanctuary is more than ever necessary to bring peace, comfort and interiority to everyone ”, he testified.


Message from Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay

Hello to you all! On Wednesday October 7, on the patronal feast of the Notre-Dame-du-Cap sanctuary, my mandate as rector of the sanctuary came to an end. It is an important passage in my life and also in that of the sanctuary. I will now be full-time in the Diocese of Trois-Rivières. I will be Vicar General there (with Father Claude Lapointe who will continue to be so too) to work to support Christian communities in the challenges of the mission. I will still keep a link with the sanctuary, by participating in the committee which oversees the start-up and implementation of the major development project.

Almost five years ago, the Oblates asked me to take a leadership role in this great team in order to advance the mission here. There I met inspiring people, witnesses, pilgrims so profound, seekers of meaning and visitors. I have seen how the sanctuary as a place of great beauty and also as a place of extraordinary history touches people’s hearts. In the period of pandemic that we have been living since last March, we are all witnesses to how much people need silence, peace, comfort. Truly, our sanctuary is a gift for everyone, for the Church and for the world!

What beautiful and great moments of prayer and resourcing have we experienced together. It is certainly what I keep most unforgettable of what I will have lived there. In addition, today the sanctuary is well recognized in our community, in the media, with our civil and religious partners. Many people from all walks of life are interested in it and want to see our sanctuary grow and shine. That makes me very happy! Nothing that is beautiful and great here can be done alone. Allow me to say a huge thank you to my Oblate confreres, so generous in their commitment. Thank you also to all employees and volunteers. You are the face of Notre-Dame-du-Cap!

The last four and a half years have been a great and great personal challenge for me. I learned a lot (and I still have a lot to learn!). Of course, through all the changes we’ve been through, there have been some tough times. I ask forgiveness from the people I have offended and I wish everyone peace for the future.

On July 22, 2018, I lived here one of the great days of my life, my ordination as bishop. The religious authorities (Oblates and diocesan) have accepted that I reconcile, for a time, the responsibilities of auxiliary bishop and rector of the shrine. This demanding conciliation, now over, I will concentrate on my mission as bishop and work full time in the diocese, but I will certainly return to see you.

A new team (which will be presented next week) will undertake this new chapter in the beautiful history of the sanctuary. I wish them all the best and a successful new ministry.

May God bless the Notre-Dame-du-Cap sanctuary and bless you! May Mary guide and encourage us. Thank you for supporting me with your prayers. Thank you, thank you with all my heart!

In all fraternity,

+ Pierre-Olivier Tremblay omi, auxiliary bishop of Trois-Rivières