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Trump changes his mind and says yes to a new $ 1,200 stimulus check | The race

President Donald trump He said he is ready to sign the law on the new stimulus package, a message contradictory to his recent order to suspend negotiations with Congress.

The president affirms that he is the “only one” who wants to give an aid of $ 1,200 dollars per person, to send that money “immediately”.

“I’m ready to sign right now”said the president.

Then ask the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), and the Senate Minority Leader, Charles schumer (New York), if they are “listening”.

He also mentions his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, who is part of the negotiations team.

President Trump ordered the Secretary of the Treasury on Tuesday, Steven Mnuchin, slowing down negotiations with in Congress, accusing Democrats of wanting to pass a $ 2.4 billion plan, even though the law passed in the House is $ 2.2 billion.

The president has caused confusion about his change of decision in such a short time for no apparent reason.

Following the president’s message, Drew Hammill, Pelosi spokesperson, reported that the House leader and Secretary Mnuchin resumed negotiations with a phone call.

He adds that the Democratic leader asked the federal official to review the law blocked by Republicans in the Senate, promoted in the House by the representative Peter defazio (Oregon), so that in the next meetings they “have an informed conversation”.

The so-called new HEROES Act for the Democrats, approved two weeks ago in the House, provides extensive aid to different sectors.

  • The $ 1,200 per person
  • The $ 600 Unemployment Insurance Bonus
  • Support to companies and hospitals
  • School funds
  • Support for state and local governments
  • Assistance for renters and homeowners
  • Additional Resources for Testing and Contact Tracing
  • Measures to strengthen the post office and complete the census
  • Help businesses such as restaurants and theaters
  • Funds for the transit system