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AMLO accuses Claudio X. González and De Hoyos of forming a ‘FRENAAA 2’

President Andrés Manuel Obrador assured that a “National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAAA) 2” is being formed, headed by Claudio X. González and Gustavo de Hoyos, president of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), and accused that it they are looking for is the “biyuyo” (money).

At a press conference, the head of the federal Executive pointed out that yesterday they sent him a manifesto in which the formation of the group called “Sí x México” was announced and in a mocking way he pointed out that they gave him tenderness, “it gives me feeling, it moves me They are so sincere. “

The president pointed out that the formation of this group was created because the electoral process is approaching and where, he indicated, Gustavo de Hoyos seeks the candidacy of the National Action Party (PAN) to the governorship of Baja California, while Claudio X. González “somewhat It must be sucking. “

“It has already been made public that a new movement is coming, a FRENAAA 2 headed by this Mr. Claudio X. González, that is, everything is being fulfilled and by the Coparmex, Gustavo de Hoyos. It is not the Broad Opposition Block (BOA, ), it’s called ‘Yes x Mexico’, something like that, because they say that we are ‘no, no’ … here is the late Héctor Suarez, ‘there is no, there is no’, they come for the biyuyos, and here ‘no there is there is not'”.

“So they say that here is the” no, no, no, no “and then they are for the” yes, yes, yes “, but that unlike the FRENAAA that they only confront, they are proactive, that is what they say in your document. They sent it to me yesterday, it seems that they are already on the networks. “

And he added “The elections are coming, they say them themselves here (in the document), so they are trying to bring together and they say that the FRENAAA leader (Gilberto Lozano) does not help them, so they have to make a modern, proactive opposition, that they are the ones who are going to play that role. It is a bit of the approach of the organic intellectuals, to unite all against us because the elections are coming. “

In the National Palace, and when reading the manifesto of “Yes x Mexico”, he pointed out that they accuse that his government says no to dialogue, freedoms, the rescue of the economy, security, education, health and to the mask.

“The government is no to dialogue, no to freedoms, no to the rescue of our economy, no to security, no to legality, no to victims, no to health, no to education, no to women, not to the masks, not to you, not to your future, to your dreams, to your growth “.

The president said: “It gives me even tenderness, feeling, it moves me, they are so sincere,” he said mockingly.

He indicated that before the announcement of “Yes x Mexico” to hold a demonstration on October 20, their freedom of expression will be guaranteed.

“It’s okay, they are within their rights, and all freedoms are guaranteed,” he concluded.