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Centro Mario Molina, civil association that was a bet of the Mexican Nobel

Mario Molina was a promoter of concrete scientific actions that impacted public policies and the life of societies, that is why in 2004 he created the Mario Molina Center for strategic studies on energy and the environment, a civil, independent and non-profit association in which always sought to give continuity and consolidate in Mexico the five major issues that concerned him: Energy, Climate Change, Air Quality, Sustainable Cities and Education.

The chemical engineer defined this action center as “a bridge of practical solutions between science and public policies on energy and the environment to promote sustainable development and vigorous economic development.” That was his greatest struggle, until his sudden death occurred this Wednesday afternoon.

The vision of the Mario Molina Center was for Mexico to have a Comprehensive Sustainable Development Program with viable measures to solve the key problems of energy and the environment through the generation of consensus; to be a leader in the adoption and implementation of measures that contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the sustainable development of the planet; to lower carbon intensity and make the air in Mexican cities cleaner. Those were his dreams and he made his actions focused.

Every year, from 2012 to 2019, the Center created by Molina issued Annual Reports on energy and the environment. In the last, of 2019, Mario Molina, in his message as president of the Center, points out that the 19 had been a year in which the consequences of climate change, poor air quality and the wear and tear of natural resources at a national and global level they became even more apparent.

“We evaluate strategies and technologies for self-sufficient and low-carbon development in Mexico, especially in the national electricity industry. We create alliances with different states of the Republic to carry out local monitoring of public transport, urbanization and air quality, which are they will translate into more efficient and fluid cities, better planned and less polluted, “he pointed out.

Molina was committed to the training of teachers, in creating awareness that he could create in children and young people, he even trusted in global collective action. It said: “We still have time to act and implement national and international policies to combat climate change, for which economic and social adjustments will be necessary that result in an increase in our global well-being.”

He believed in the union of governments, companies and civil society to find practical solutions on energy and environment.

However, he accepted the sad national reality. On May 18, the Nobel Prize winner pointed out that it was an irresponsible act of governments not to work on reducing greenhouse gases and called on them to stop using fossil fuels and replace them with the use of renewable energies, as he said that only This way, the increase in temperature on our planet can be reduced.

During a talk at El Colegio Nacional, via digital, he said: “It is not to stop using fossil fuels from one day to the next, but to do it in this decade; we cannot wait another decade, in this decade we have to start reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the use of fossil fuels so that they will practically end at the beginning of the next decade, “said the renowned Mexican scientist without naming names but realizing that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is committed to fossil fuels, oil.