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Public transport: Longueuil calls for a single fare for the metropolitan area –

Although it is satisfied with the simplification of the fare schedule on its territory, the City of Longueuil is calling for a single fare and a “metropolitan vision” of public transit, for a fair contribution from the three large cities in the region.

In its brief submitted to the Regional Metropolitan Transport Authority (ARTM) as part of its tariff overhaul, Longueuil is first of all delighted with two gains for the users of its territory.

“The new price list facilitates the customer experience by focusing on simplicity, multimodality and integrated mobility,” reads the brief.

In addition, “it ensures that the citizens of the agglomeration are treated fairly and in a uniform manner, with a single tariff zone for the entire territory”.

Introducing the title Bus everywhere should also facilitate exchanges between the agglomeration and the southern crown, underlines Longueuil.

“The initial objective of simplification has been achieved and our customers will undoubtedly see the benefits,” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Réseau de transport de Longueuil (RTL) Jonathan Tabarah.

Major increase and metropolitan standardization

The City deplores, however, that despite the simplification of fares, the new grid includes an increase of 44% for the 24,000 users along the axis of the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge, who will see their fare go from $ 100 to $ 144. In addition, while they can currently travel from the South Shore to the Downtown Terminus with only one mode of transport, the bus, they will have to make an intermodal transfer with the arrival of the REM.

“We are concerned about the significant increase in the tariff for our customers on the axis of the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge and believe that the ARTM should gradually introduce this increase,” says Jonathan Tabarah.

What is more, Longueuil wants rates to be standardized at $ 100 for the three large cities in the metropolitan region.

For the City, it is “important to have a metropolitan vision” of the financing and development of public transit. “We must therefore consider that all the cities of the metropolitan region are responsible for it and that the fair contribution of each is necessary. Thus, it would have been desirable for Montreal to take advantage of the opportunity of the reform to standardize its pricing with Laval and Longueuil, by increasing its rate to $ 100. ”

Funding issues

In order to ensure proper development of public transport infrastructure for the future, Longueuil ultimately wants to diversify its sources of revenue and significantly increase its funding.

Longueuil’s 4 recommendations

Ville de Longueuil makes four recommendations in its Brief on the tariff reform proposal.

  • With the arrival of the REM, put in place a transitional tariff measure over several years and that it be financed by the Government of Quebec.
  • Standardize pricing at $ 100 for Laval, Longueuil and Montreal, for the sake of equity and for a coherent metropolitan vision of the financing of public transit.
  • Set up a new project which will aim to offer solutions to generate additional income.
  • Significantly increase the funding of public transit and diversify the sources of funding, in order to allow the development of public transit and the completion of structuring projects.

AUTAL wants “social pricing”

Highlighting in its brief the same inequalities as the City, the Association des users du transport adapté de Longueuil (AUTAL) also calls for “social pricing” for low-income people.

“People living below the poverty line should not have to choose between using public transport or meeting their basic needs,” says the Association.

The AUTAL also raises concerns about the accessibility of the new technological functions that the ARTM wants to implement.

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