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Seven European countries register maximum numbers of infections

Merkel speaks with German Health Minister Jens Spahn in the Bundestag.DPA via Europa Press / Europa Press

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic continues its advance in Europe and marks new highs for infections in at least seven countries. Some of them have begun to announce new measures in the face of the worsening of the situation. Germany, with 4,058 new positives in 24 hours, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute, registers the worst daily data since April and already has a total of 310,144 infected since the start of the pandemic. Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia and Slovakia also added this Thursday record of infections in a single day, while France, which on Wednesday confirmed a new daily maximum of cases with about 19,000 infections (a figure that practically doubles the balance of the the previous day, when it was around 10,500), will establish new restrictions this Thursday. Poland has also registered its highest number of daily deaths, with 76 new deaths.

According to France Inter Radio, the authorities will add Lyon and Lille to the maximum alert in which Paris and Marseille have already been in for days. Italy is experiencing the same trend and shot up its cases on Wednesday the day the use of the mask became mandatory, with 3,678 positives, a thousand more than the previous day. In addition, it will force people arriving from Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the Czech Republic to take tests. In Spain, the Ministry of Health added 10,491 infections and 76 deaths from coronavirus to the official statistics yesterday. The data provided by the ministry reflect a decrease in the spread of the virus in Madrid, 2,853 new cases compared to the 5,187 reported the previous day.

In the case of Germany, the health authorities speak of a “worrying” increase in infections and a possible “uncontrollable spread” of the virus, in a country that until now had been less affected than its neighboring countries. The German Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, has asked not to “spoil” the achievements made so far in his fight against covid, which made him one of the countries in Europe proportionally less affected by the virus.

The Czech Republic has reported 5,335 infections of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which places the Central European country at the head of the European Union (EU) in the number of infected per population. The latest data released this Thursday by the Ministry of Health places the accumulated death toll at 829 and raises the number of hospitalized to 1,563, of which 354 are in serious condition. This number of hospitalized, which has doubled since the beginning of October and threatens the response capacity of health centers, has been one of the reasons for declaring a state of emergency, in force since Monday and that will last 30 days, according to data collected by the Efe agency.

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