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A directory of news media to support local journalism –

CBC / Radio-Canada launched on October 7 a national directory of local media from across the country. Accessible on the public broadcaster’s website, the directory Local info is essential has more than 1000 links to various news media such as The Courrier du Sud.

The unveiling of the repertoire was made as part of the National Newspaper Week which takes place from October 4 to 10 under the theme Reliable source of real news.

“The crisis we are going through right now and the proliferation of disinformation, especially on social media, have highlighted the vital nature of trustworthy local journalism across the country,” said Chairman of the Board of Directors by CBC / Radio-Canada Michael Goldbloom. Supporting local news media has never been more important. ”

“The vitality of our media ecosystem and the plurality of points of view expressed guarantee the health of our democracy”, adds the President and CEO Catherine tait.

The directory Local info is essential was developed in collaboration with Info Canada Media and will be updated regularly. (GM)