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Deputies specify the extinction of 109 trusts after 19 hours


In a marathon session, Morena and his allies from the Green Ecologist and the Social Encounter Party imposed their majority and extinguished 109 funds and trusts so that the federal government obtains 68 thousand 400 million pesos, which will now be administered by the Ministry of Finance.

The discussion of this controversial reform began on Tuesday, October 6. The session of that day had to go into recess after the taking of the rostrum by deputies of the PAN, PRI, MC and PRD, who did not allow a reservation of Morena to pass to also have the Health Fund for the Well-being of Insabi destined to care for high impact diseases, which represents a bag of 100 billion pesos.

At the end of the recess and agreeing that Morena would lower the reserve of deputy Iván Arturo Pérez, progress was made in the debate of the 398 reservations to all the articles of the reform commissioned by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. To end the discussion in particular, the Chamber of Deputies took 19 hours. It started on Wednesday at 12:00 and ended on Thursday at 7 in the morning.

Amid applause and shouts of joy, the morenistas celebrated the extinction of the Natural Disasters Fund (Fonden), the National Financial for Rural Forestry and Fisheries Agricultural Development, the Science and Technology Fund of the Conacyt of the Science and Technology Law, the Customs Law, the Film Investment and Stimulus Fund of the Cinematography Law.

Other trusts that were extinguished by the majority in San Lázaro were the Fund for the Climate Change Law and the Fund for Help, Assistance and Reparation of Victims, the Fund for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, the Fund for Strengthening Societies Cooperatives, Savings and Loans; the Metropolitan Fund, the Mining Fund, the Fund for MiPyMES.

Among the modifications accepted by the plenary session, the obligation of Conade was defined to continue supporting high-performance athletes, but with resources from its own budget, without a budget item.

In the discussion for the Fonden to remain, at 4:46 am, the PAN deputy, Elías Lixa Abimerhi, told the Morenoites that cold blood was needed so that the Fonden and the support for science were withdrawn in full contingency and sport.

For the PRI, deputy Fernando Galindo, expressed that at least they comply with the acquisition of vaccines against covid-19.


Fausto Hernández Trillo, a CIDE professor, said that the disappearance of 109 trusts was not a major surgery to obtain more resources but was a blow to vital projects.

This, in reference to the fact that yesterday the Chamber of Deputies specified the disappearance of the Natural Disaster Fund (Fonden), which has 6 thousand 861 million pesos and an addition was approved so that, at the end of the year, resources other than used for reconstruction, are returned to the Treasury.

He recalled, in an interview with Pascal Beltrán del Río, to Radio Image, that the fund was created in 1996, after the 1995 hurricanes Opal Y Roxanne They devastated the Yucatan peninsula, Tabasco and Veracruz, causing the worst floods that Campeche had suffered since 1927.

For this reason it was considered a good idea to design a disaster fund to rebuild public infrastructure and housing for marginalized strata.

For the doctor in economics from the Ohio State University, the risk in the disappearance of Fonden is that the federal government does not have immediate resources to deal with catastrophic consequences.

-From the Editorial Office

The opposition will reject disappearance

Just a few hours after the Chamber of Deputies specified the disappearance of 109 trusts and funds, the atmosphere in the Senate has already heated up, as PAN, PRI, MC and PRD immediately announced that they will vote against and fight to stop it.

Meanwhile, ex-bracero workers, employees of the film industry, researchers and scientists began to arrive to the Senate in an attempt to convince Morena’s senators not to disappear the trusts.

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The PAN Kenia López Rabadán announced that in her parliamentary group “we will vote against the bill by which 109 trusts disappear and we will be alert that there are no more surprises during the legislative process that is carried out, so that it is not a some more background.

This minute, in which 21 laws are amended and added and which has a budgetary impact of approximately 70 billion pesos, cannot be discussed and analyzed fast track. We propose that all the sectors involved be listened to and that, in this case, unlike what happened in the Chamber of Deputies, the commitments that are made be respected and fulfilled, ”he said.

Claudia Anaya, from the PRI, assured that her party will not support the extinction of the trusts, because it affects different sectors and despite that “there goes this government that has shown to have an extraordinary capacity to burn money.”

Miguel Ángel Mancera, coordinator of the PRD senators, reported that a direct and constant dialogue will be sought with Ricardo Monreal and with each of the Morena senators, in order to avoid the extinction of the trusts.

The Citizen Movement and the PRD endorsed their rejection of a decision of this type.

Leticia Robles de la Rosa


The PRI bench in the Chamber of Deputies announced that it will vote against the reform initiative to the General Health Law that Morena will present the following week to obtain resources from the Health Fund for Well-being.

From now on we warn that the PRI deputies will not endorse any reform initiative to take resources away from patients with chronic and costly diseases so that the federal administration spends them with total opacity and discretion. We must build alternatives that help them without affecting them, “said the parliamentary group.

The PRI legislators, led by René Juárez Cisneros, criticized that the majority of Morena with the support of the PES and the PVEM have turned a “deaf ear” to the modification proposals of all the opposition parliamentary groups, to avoid the extinction of the trusts without prior analysis.

The most serious thing is that they betrayed the people who gave them their trust in 2018, because they only gave “atole with the finger” to all the citizens who will be victims of this ‘fideicomicide’, “the legislators reproached.

-Ximena Mejía

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