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Despite apology, the controversy of Tatiana Clouthier continues

After the federal deputy of Morena, Tatiana Clouthier, became a trend in social networks for a message in which she referred to the cancer of the triathlete and survivor of this disease, Jesús Agustín Diez, on Tuesday, the controversy continues.

“It seems that you learned little about your cancer. At least not say so many inaccuracies and adapt things to what you think it is. I can specify your half-truths since yesterday,” Morena’s legislator wrote before the debate in the Chamber of Deputies of the extinction of the trusts.

The expression of the legislator would have been in response to the tweet of Jesús Agustín Diez (@ dioj6416), who wrote: “Tatiana has no dignity, she only seeks her personal benefit.”

The opinion of users on social networks was divided by the comment of the deputy in recent days and until today there are those who continue to question or attack the message.

“As far as I know, Tatiana Clouthier has never had cancer. How can she know what to learn when people have cancer, if they have never suffered from it? A VERY LOW ATTACK is made on me by the aunt against Jesús Díaz”,

wrote a Twitter user, to which the policy replied that both her mother and her husband had the aforementioned disease.

After the comment, the federal deputy replied: “My mother and my husband had.”