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INE begins to capture signatures for popular consultation against former presidents

This Thursday the National Electoral Institute (INE) began with the capture and verification with the Nominal List of the signatures of support for the popular consultation requested by Yeidckol Polevnsky, with which it is intended to bring the last 5 presidents of Mexico to trial. after the definitive accusation was generated and delivered to the Senate of the Republic on October 7.

On September 22, the Upper House sent two requests for popular consultation in order to validate that they have the authentic backing of 2% of the Nominal List, that is, 1 million 821 thousand 405 signatures.

Between September 25 and 29, the formats were reviewed and quantified.

In the case of the consultation promoted by Polevnsky, 8 thousand 807 formats were counted, without the presence of any of the promoters.

Once the accounting report was completed, the INE released it, it was sent to the Senate and from the moment it was received, on October 7, the 30-day period established by the Federal Law of Popular Consultation began for the National Electoral Institute begins with the second verification stage, in which the information on each support obtained will be captured for verification with the Electoral Register database.

In the presence of the Electoral Office, personnel of the Executive Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters (DERFE), the INE detailed in a statement, proceeded to open the three boxes to begin with the capture of the 69 thousand 254 registries that complied with the minimum requirements such as name, signature, voter password, OCR or CIC.

“The whole process is carried out with strict health protocols to guarantee the health of all participants, who must undergo a filter prior to entering the facilities that includes the use of face masks and antibacterial gel, as well as verification of the temperature corporal and oxygenation “, indicated the electoral authority.

In parallel, he added, the initial quantification of the formats containing the signatures that were delivered in 77 boxes of the consultation presented by the citizens Manuel Vázquez Arellano and Norma Ariadna Sánchez Bahena is carried out, which so far records progress of about 70 percent.

The DERFE plans to conclude the initial phase no later than next week to begin the capture and verification of the records to determine that there are no duplicates between the signatory citizens who are registered in the Nominal List, being mandatory that there is a match in your signature and data.

If the records do not appear in this first search, a review will be made in the history of the Electoral Roll, although the records identified will be removed and will be discounted from the final number.

Once this stage has been passed and the minimum citizen support provided by law is met, a probabilistic sample will be carried out to verify the authenticity of the signatures that received these inquiries, for which the selected ones will be visited personally.

If the minimum support provided in the law is met, the President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Senators will send the petition to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), together with the petitioners’ proposed question to to decide on its constitutionality.